Finally, a first post…

Well, this is my very first post, hopefully of many!  It’s intimidating, sitting here and trying to think of what to say in the very first one…  Maybe something like the stereotypical artist contemplating a blank canvas.  But the first move is the most important move, not for its content or accomplishment, but because it is a move… an action, the decisive stroke that builds that first momentum.  Wordcount says that I have so far put down 75 words.  Maybe not a lot, but empowering nonetheless.

My hope for this blog is to use it as a forum for my thoughts, a place to share things I like or find interesting, a spot to get what I think or feel or wonder out there.  I’m still learning how to use this tool to make my blog dreams a reality.  I’m sure I don’t even know all the directions that writing and posting will take me in.  I have some ideas, and I’m sure more will come.  It’s exciting!


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