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Portfolio Update

I have added some new images to my portfolio section!  I had a couple images I’ve done with different design programs.  Check it out!

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Design Inspiration: Newfoundland Bog

I spent a few weeks out in St. John’s, NL, a few summers ago for a cousin’s wedding several summers ago.  I am always inspired by the rugged landscape of the east coast, and I took this photo while visiting my aunt on the Bonavista Penninsula, while out walking her dogs.


I think the colours and textures in it are very deep and rich and earthy, and I created the basis for an interior with inspiration from this photograph.  I love the saturated green velvet of the sofa combined with the deep burgundy leather of the arm chair.  The combination of natural shapes in the lamps with the structure and detail of the furniture hits just the right note of wild and contemplative, I think.  The trunk coffee table picks up the reds and oranges in the speckled fall leaves, while the more refined side table lends a thoughtfulness that echoes my own feelings while actually there.  The bog was quiet and earthy, a very muted landscape, but with lots of details – moss, berries, rocky outcrops – that were apparent if you took the time to really look at the individual details.  I selected the rug for the mix of soft pale greens with the deeper reds and golds, to pick up the moss that just tucks itself among the branches and berries in the photograph.


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Colours: Coral and Teal

I was recently looking through several tile websites at work the other day, and came across this colour combo of glass mosaic tile from Daltile’s Molten Glass collection: Copper Mine and Midnight. I am really loving these two colours right now.  I find that peachy coral colour of “Copper Mine” to be so subtle, and very feminine without being overtly so.  I especially love it mixed with the tealish-navy that is “Midnight.”

I can see these colours in so many uses – interior decor, fashion (I have a shirt in the coral colour and I love it!), graphic design.  I can picture these colours on one the exterior of one the gorgeous Victorian or Arts and Crafts homes in my neighborhood – like in this picture, below:

Or what about in this vignette?  The copper colour comes through in the cedar siding and the various tones of teal and turquoise are brought out in the distressed door, dresser and window frame.  The balance of the reds and greens creates a very pleasing harmony, and the use of a variety of different but complementary blue-greens ties them all together while lending the scene a very casual, inviting air.  The use of colour here is very playful, but also very well-considered, without seeming so.

That is the thing that I love so much about colour – you can really get creative about finding uses for it everywhere, not just in one application, and in all sorts of materials.  The interplay between texture, colour and material is where design really starts to get interesting!

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Why Introspective?

I believe that design is personal, and helps us learn about who we are – and why we are who we are – if we know how to pay attention.  I love the details around me every day.  I love the little things, the everyday victories and celebrations.  I want to put my love of *the things I love* out there to the world.  I think there is a simple beauty in sharing joy, and I suppose, here it goes…

My intent for this blog is a spot to record my doodles, my thoughts, my book reviews, my design processes and my hobbies.  I’m interested in interiors, fashion, architecture, nature and life in general.  I love to read and write, and my hope is to create a spot where I mix those passions and design gets personal.  Enjoy!