Design In My Backyard: Superior Street

I am constantly inspired by the houses in the city I live in, beautiful Victoria, BC.  One of my favourites is just down the street from where I live:

I really enjoy the balance of colour, texture and symmetry in this facade.  My favourite part has to be the very cheerful garage doors.  The colour just adds a really eye-catching pop that grabs your attention from the street.  I drive by this house at least twice a day, and look at it every single time.  I think the front doors are really well done, too.  The carry the viewer’s eye further into the house through the use of the same colour, while changing planes.  I get a really inviting vibe from this design – nicely done!  The perfectly symmetrical front works really well for me here.  It manages to look like a cohesive house, despite the obvious fact that it’s a duplex with two sets of doors.  The bay windows add some interest by changing planes again and adding some depth, and the cedar shakes on the gable tie the whole thing back down to the brick details at the front door posts.  It looks like this house has been really well considered, with great attention to the minute details that make people feel welcome and balanced without even knowing why!

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