Oh, that holiday rush…

What is it about the holidays that seems to make people think, “Gee.  You know what I didn’t do this year?  Renovate my home.  I should really get on that…”  I just don’t really get the logic of that.  To me, the holidays can seem pretty stressful – not in a bad stress way, but more in a “I really need to clean my home and have everything ready for when my entire extended family shows up” kind of way.  Not the best situation to decide to tear your walls out and not have a working kitchen…

I was submitting permit plans on behalf of a client this afternoon, and the clerk and I had this conversation.  We both agree – renovation is best started in February.  Want the slow season?  February.  That’s slow season in the construction industry.  At least, here it is.  I know, that doesn’t always work for every location in the world, but here in Victoria, if you are just doing some interior renos, that makes the most sense to me!  February is rainy and cold and miserable, sure, but there are lots of trades who aren’t booked months out in advance, no pressure from holiday season and it’s still sheltered in an interior space.  Summer rolls around and everyone seems to want to do renos again.  I think if you were really smart about it, you would start the process in Feb-March, be completed by May at the latest (depending on the scope of work) and then be able to enjoy your new place for the summer – have people over and really get to have a full summer.

It’s interesting getting into winter.  I find that even for myself, all I want to do some days is eat hearty comfort food, curl up on the couch or sleep.  It’s like hibernation mode or something.  I think for me this started back in late October, but it becomes even more accentuated to me when the buzz of the holidays ramps up all around me.  I love the holidays and family and food and friends, which I guess is what confuses me about people wanting to do big alterations to their homes.  Shouldn’t we just want to be at home during the winter and be able to relax?

This is starting to sound like a bit of a rant, which it isn’t intended to be…  More of just a curious observation.  I think when I *finally* don’t have to rent any more and own my own home, I will plan to do all my home mods in between that holiday season and when it starts to get hot out again.  🙂  Can’t wait!


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