Hannah v. Sketchup: Round 1

One of my new years resolutions is to learn how to use Google’s design program Sketchup and to learn it as well as I can.  I decided to get started a bit early…  There are a tons of great tutorials on YouTube, and this one taught me how to make a lantern!  I even got the flame coloured yellow!

Software is a big deal in design, or so I’m finding.  There are so many programs out there for design, and some of them do or don’t intersect with file types, styles, importing and exporting and especially 3D rendering.  I’m most comfortable with a program called Vectorworks, which is an architectural software.  It’s funny, because the capabilities of the program are so great – lots of 3D modeling and rendering with great textures, building information management, the ability to auto-create take offs and materials lists – but most of the time right now I end up using it for 2D modeling for floor plans and space planning.  It’s great, but the power available isn’t quite what I need to be able to communicate design to my colleagues or clients.

One of my colleagues at the office is amazing at using Sketchup.  I get to sit near her and every so often I see her working on a model…  She’s like a Sketchup wizard!  That’s my inspiration for wanting to use this program.  I tried it out a bit while I was still in school and didn’t really connect with it very well, but she makes it look just so easy, so I thought, ‘Why don’t I give it another shot and see how far I get?’

And so far, so good, say I!

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