Hannah v. Sketchup: Round 2

So, I will consider myself the victor of Hannah v. Sketchup: Round 2!  I’m finding that this program has all sorts of cool uses!  Yesterday I spent some time making a floor plan, fooling around with colours and textures, and playing with the online 3D warehouse!  So much fun!  Check it out:

This is the floor plan I created.  I did the whole house by importing a jpeg of a floor plan for a small bungalow, scaling it to full size and tracing over the image. I only had time to “furnish” a bedroom and two baths, though.

A perspective of the bedroom.  My work colleague suggested making the walls a solid colour on one surface and transparent on the other, so that you can look through the wall, but when you rotate the view, it still retains its solid colour from the other side!  Great tip!

The bedroom perspective from the back.  I also tried out a window in the bathroom, and had some success with texturing it so that it was transparent, but I think that those aspects – doors and windows – will be something I spend more time figuring out.  As a second stab at Sketchup, though, I really feel like I am getting the hang of it.  And the more I do, the easier it will be to develop a consistent workflow and make this into a really awesome tool!  Stay tuned for more Sketchup fun in the future!

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