Design in my Backyard: Dallas Road

I had a nice chat with my good friend AB this evening.  One of A’s favourite places in Victoria is right in my neighbourhood, and is a building that I really love as well.  In fact, I pass it during my evening runs about twice a week, and I always admire it:

I sadly didn’t take this photograph, because the weather has been so miserable lately (welcome to January in Victoria…), but this image of the building definitely captures what I really love about it: the brick facade, the very square architecture, all capped off by that fantastic roofline.  I mean, how can you not love that detailing??  It’s bold and traditional, but something about it says to me, “I dare you to call me modern”…  I think it’s the great contrast between the modern shape of the building – flat roof, boxy envelope, geometry everywhere – and the traditional materials – brick, roofline edge that looks like crown molding, wrought iron railing, windows with mullions.  Just gorgeous.

Here’s an artist’s rendering of the building from when they were developing and selling the condo units.  Fun! …


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