February Lighthouse

Went out for a walk at Fort Rodd Hill this weekend with my sweetie.  The weather was sunny, even though it was a bit chilly out.  It’s still the beginning of February, I suppose…  Fort Rodd Hill is an old military base, and the park has a lot of really interesting preserved batteries and old cannons – typical military stuff.  However, there is also the Fisgard Lighthouse down at the bottom of the park, which has been turned into a really nicely done up information centre.  

I lived in St. John’s NL when I was younger, and something about the lighthouse has just stuck with me.  I really love the rugged timelessness of them, I think, as well as the ease and sweetness of that saltbox simplicity.  I think the lighthouse sticks with me as a symbol of shelter as well as strength – a structure to weather sea and storm, and an unadorned, unassuming house to provide comfort, warmth and home.  Probably a romantic notion, but something about it catches at my imagination and my heart.


ALSO: this is the first of my experimentation with instagram.  I avoided it because it was so trendy, but I can’t help loving the images it produces, so here come some of my own…


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