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San Francisco: Flowers

So, it’s not really keeping to my ‘design’-y theme of this blog, but I can appreciate the advent of spring just like anyone else.  It was really nice to have some sunshine and see some really great flowers around town.  There are some beautiful gardens in the city, and people seemed to find ways to get garden space wherever they could.  Living in small rental spaces for the past ten years, I can absolutely appreciate that…

So here it is, in my last instalment of series photos from San Francisco: flowers.  Enjoy!

And my favourite, a succulent crab!

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San Francisco: Doors

In my third installation of photos from San Francisco, I chose to take photos of doorways.  I almost feel like I didn’t really even “choose” this theme…  There were so many amazing doorways that it was hard not to take pictures of them!  These were my favourites:

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San Francisco: Address Numbers

Part 2 in my series of things I took lots of photos of while I was in San Francisco.  Today’s theme is address numbers, and oh there were a lot to choose from in this city!  Here are some of my favourites…

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San Francisco: Fire Escapes

So on my recent trip to San Francisco, I got the idea in my head that I would take some series of photographs of things that I found in abundance, with variety and that I really liked to look at (and look for!) around the city.  My first theme?  Fire escapes, of course!  They are everywhere, especially in the downtown area.  Some of them are so ornate, I caught myself wondering if they were really up there for function, or just because they look so darn cool on the side of a building!

Here are some of my favourite photos, given an old-timey feel thanks to the ever fantastic instagram:

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A very inspired trip to San Francisco

I love San Francisco.  Possibly one of my favourite cities to visit that I’ve been to so far.  I probably say that about everywhere I go, but I really do mean it about SF.  I took a couple extra days for an extended Easter long weekend, and made it a great little spring holiday!  I feel like the time goes so fast, so I plan on doing a series of photo posts from my trip over the next week.

First, though, a brief synopsis of the trip and my experience of it.  It’s my second time to San Francisco.  The first time I went a few years ago with some girlfriends.  This was the first time there for Marty*, so we did a lot of the tourist attractions.  We visited Alcatraz, Fisherman’s wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge…

* Marty and I recently had the conversation that went, “What do I call you on my blog?”  I was working with M., but full name disclosure from now on!

Hannah and Marty at the Golden Gate Bridge

I have a tough time with tourist attractions.  I don’t really like crowds, I usually prefer to spend some time getting a feel for a city somewhere other than the main tourist attractions.  Fisherman’s wharf was practically the bane of my trip…  So crowded, so expensive, hard to find authenticity when you have that many people in one place to see the sights…  I guess it is an integral piece of the city, but I honestly would rather find a local neighbourhood and a cafe.  Maybe I just don’t like identifying myself as a tourist.  Or maybe just not one of those tourists.

Regardless, I did enjoy the carousel at Pier 39.  I find circus and amusement park themed places really fun and interesting.  I’m inspired by the shapes and colours, and especially by the whimsy, of those places.  I took a couple pictures, but my favourite by far was this one:

I love the crazy mer-horse!  The orange and turquoise is fantastic, and I love the wide-eyed, startled expression.  It’s a working fixture on a merry-go-round, so the paint is meant to last, not be a work of art, but I love that someone has gone to meticulous detail to paint in all the teeth.  I managed to snap this photo just before a small child jumped on board.  I’ll admit, I was a little jealous…

We also went to Haight-Ashbury and wandered around for a while.  We took the bus, maybe like regular city-dwellers might do, and got to feel a bit like locals on our random public-transit route.  I didn’t get to Haight-Ashbury the last time I was in the city, so I quite enjoyed poking around a bit.  I snapped a picture of this brightly coloured building on the corner of Haight and Masonic:

I find it a bit strange to see a Money Mart in the ground floor of this colourful Victorian house (I dig the spire!), but I suppose that’s part of the modernization and evolution of a city and a neighbourhood.

I really enjoyed the buildings in San Francisco.  I kept thinking to myself that they all look so well maintained, with their pretty painted colours and incredible details.  Even in the not-so-ornate parts of town, the houses looked great.  I think it’s a big part of the city’s identity – all the row houses with their crazy garage doors on tilted angles, and their cheerful colours (maybe to ward against the fog, although it was clear and sunny for the whole weekend we were there!)

I really love San Fran.  I feel like it’s a funky city with a lot to see and do, and a very west coast attitude at the same time.  It probably won’t be soon, but I definitely plan on going back in the future!

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Back to the blog…

It’s been an awfully long time since I have posted…  And of course, what happens when I show up on wordpress again?  I come across this very lovely post by Kathy of the blog reinventing the event horizon.  Her post on today’s Freshly Pressed really summed up what I think my hopes, dreams and demons are around blogging, especially this point:

3.       Accountability

Writing isn’t easy.  Sometimes we feel stuck.  Sometimes the words won’t come, and so we push away our pen and paper.  We abandon our keyboards.  We procrastinate.

Blogging doesn’t allow me to do that.  I’ve set up a schedule for posting.  I have nearly 300 followers who expect me to post on Monday and Thursday mornings (EST).  They do me the honor of reading what I write.  I owe them the respect of posting when they anticipate I will.”  [Read her full post here.]

I think that is my biggest struggle so far – to get into a regular schedule of writing, updating, sourcing, editing…  really, to just sit down and post!

I think Kathy makes a great point about honouring the readers that follow your blog…  It seems as though that’s an easy excuse to put off posting when you have 4 people following your (my…) blog so far.  It’s both an excuse and a joy to me.  Posting right now is such a personal enjoyment, and I both feel excitement at the prospect of sharing my thoughts with others, as well as a reluctance to try to attract more people to follow my blog, as I feel guilty when I don’t sit down and write for a full month…


I’ll be moving at the end of this month – my sweetie M. and I found a new place that is closer to my work (and his!), and has almost double the space that we are living in right now.  I’m excited to have a permanent space for my computer, my art and *hopefully* my glass work again!  I’m hoping that the transition, as well as a real spot for my computer that isn’t the coffee table or in the dining area, will prompt me into getting more serious about regular posts.  When I sit down and make the effort to find something I’ve enjoyed, found interesting or want to share, I really love having a blog.

So thanks to the people who are currently following my very young and very unstructured blog.  I appreciate the support, and want to strive to show you the respect you deserve – for giving my blog a chance.

Thanks also to Kathy for her great post, and for articulating so much of what I feel and never think to put into concrete words about how great blogging really is.