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It’s been an awfully long time since I have posted…  And of course, what happens when I show up on wordpress again?  I come across this very lovely post by Kathy of the blog reinventing the event horizon.  Her post on today’s Freshly Pressed really summed up what I think my hopes, dreams and demons are around blogging, especially this point:

3.       Accountability

Writing isn’t easy.  Sometimes we feel stuck.  Sometimes the words won’t come, and so we push away our pen and paper.  We abandon our keyboards.  We procrastinate.

Blogging doesn’t allow me to do that.  I’ve set up a schedule for posting.  I have nearly 300 followers who expect me to post on Monday and Thursday mornings (EST).  They do me the honor of reading what I write.  I owe them the respect of posting when they anticipate I will.”  [Read her full post here.]

I think that is my biggest struggle so far – to get into a regular schedule of writing, updating, sourcing, editing…  really, to just sit down and post!

I think Kathy makes a great point about honouring the readers that follow your blog…  It seems as though that’s an easy excuse to put off posting when you have 4 people following your (my…) blog so far.  It’s both an excuse and a joy to me.  Posting right now is such a personal enjoyment, and I both feel excitement at the prospect of sharing my thoughts with others, as well as a reluctance to try to attract more people to follow my blog, as I feel guilty when I don’t sit down and write for a full month…


I’ll be moving at the end of this month – my sweetie M. and I found a new place that is closer to my work (and his!), and has almost double the space that we are living in right now.  I’m excited to have a permanent space for my computer, my art and *hopefully* my glass work again!  I’m hoping that the transition, as well as a real spot for my computer that isn’t the coffee table or in the dining area, will prompt me into getting more serious about regular posts.  When I sit down and make the effort to find something I’ve enjoyed, found interesting or want to share, I really love having a blog.

So thanks to the people who are currently following my very young and very unstructured blog.  I appreciate the support, and want to strive to show you the respect you deserve – for giving my blog a chance.

Thanks also to Kathy for her great post, and for articulating so much of what I feel and never think to put into concrete words about how great blogging really is.

2 thoughts on “Back to the blog…

  1. Oh, thanks so much for the shout-out. Appreciate your sharing and hope you will stop by again soon! Good luck with your move!

    • Hannah S. says:

      Hi Kathy, thanks as well for your inspiring post. It’s always funny how those little things in life line up so often… I’ll definitely be back on your blog! Cheers!

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