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Making Waves

Marty and I are slowly getting our house set up, and one of the most exciting rooms in the new place is the spare bedroom, where I have grand plans for setting myself up a stained glass studio. Right now it’s holding all our ‘where do we put it?’ junk, so it’s a little crowded, but I did manage to get my tiny light table set up.  Now all I have to do is put the legs on the work table and get a drop cloth to go over the carpet and I’m ready to go!  Ok, so maybe it’s a little bit more set-up than that, but I’m close…

In my excitement for stained glass action, and also for summer, I wanted to share some inspiring stained glass waves.  I think the wave would be one of the more difficult images to capture well.  I can image getting all the aspects of the glass – the colour, texture, path of the lines – to come together and make the wave come alive and really portray the power and noise and motion and experience of a wave would be a complicated feat.  Hats off to the artists and their work below for really nailing the heart of waves in their stained glass pieces.

Jacqueline Winch Designs

This piece really captures the rolling curl of a wave collapsing over itself.  I love the subtle combination of clear, white and turquoise in this piece, and how the motion in the glass is really captured by the many textures.  I’ve seen the design done by other glass artists, but I really felt like this rendition of it picked up the motion and carried it all the way around the circular frame.  To see more of Jacqueline Winch’s work, visit her website here.

Atmospheric Glass

I really love the delicate lines of the wave in this piece.  The edges of each individual piece of glass in this window are so organic, as if the artist has merely drawn each line instead of cut and soldered them.  I think the colours are bold and give the viewer a clear definition of what is wave and what is background, and abstracts the motion of the wave into a ribbon of flowing movement.  The clear grid of glass for the ground really works and complements and contrasts the organic line and colour of the rest of this work.  See more of Atmospheric Glass here.

Mary Tantillo

Mary’s stained glass is organic, considered and – in a word – stunning.  This piece reminds me of waves, ocean eddies and seaweed all wrapped into one gorgeous image.  The differing and changing weight of each solder line creates a tension that pulls the viewer along each line toward the centre.  The colours flow from one to the next, and I love that the swirling lines intersect and support one another, creating very interesting opportunities for contrast through colour blocking.  I’ve seen all these colours in the ocean, and they all remind of me each memory – ‘that time swimming over the sand dollars’ or ‘that storm we had in November’ or ‘that summer we built the raft’…  In addition to this amazing work, Mary has also done a 100 Days of Waves project, which can be seen on her website here.

I have to say, my inspiration energy is running high after these lovely images.  I’ll be back to post more inspiration again soon, and will have details of upcoming projects as I start working again…  Can’t wait!

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Bring on summer

Life has been a whirlwind of happenings lately.  The move is mostly complete, although our house feels incomplete, there are still boxes in the living room, furniture that doesn’t fit anywhere, no artwork properly hung on the walls…  These are minor problems, however.  We have a list of things to slowly get our place into proper working order.  My priorities are find a new couch (I love my old one, but it’s time to move on… poor, sad piece of furniture), hang some artwork in some very designer-y groupings on the walls (I’ve never really gone for the decorating side of design, but you gotta start somewhere I suppose), and get myself a semi-studio set up so that I can do some more stained glass work!  I have all sorts of ideas in my head, lots of sketches, patterns and doodles in my notebook and a closet full of projects in various stages of completion.  It’s time, though.  Time for me to get back to the soldering iron.  Oh how I’ve missed the cuts and burns…  

This weekend we are heading to Calgary, AB to see Marty’s brother and meet our new niece, Halle.  Being an aunt really weirded me out for the first couple of weeks.  It made me feel old and adult, even though my rational mind was telling me to just knock it off.  I’m still a spry young thing, with plenty of time left before I have to do any of the adult things society expects of me.  The more photos that arrive of her in my inbox, however, the more excited I am to meet this tiny human being.  I feel like I don’t know anything about babies at all.  I can’t remember the last time I was in the company of a baby, and likely it was when I was quite young myself.  It feels like a lot of changes.  I’m slowly acclimatizing to them.

This past weekend Marty and I went out hiking.  The weather was as glorious as it gets in mid-May out here, so we hiked out 9 km to a place called Bear Beach on the south-west coast of Vancouver Island.  We camped the night, which was a bit strange and disorienting for me.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve done any camping.  I’d better get used to it, though, because we’re hiking the West Coast Trail in three weeks!  I tried to pack a bit heavier than I would like to for the WCT.  I think I ended up with a 26 lb. pack?  I’ll be trying to cut out down even further.  Tricky, though, when you have to carry a week’s worth of food on your back.  We only went out for the one night, but I haven’t been so tired (18 km in two days with 26 lbs on my back!) forever, and I was so so so glad to get in the hot shower when we got home!  I’m excited to push myself on the trail.  I think it’s going to be both harder and easier than I expect, on a physical, mental and emotional level.  It’s all about growing and learning and working hard, though, so I guess I feel right now like ‘bring it all on!’ even though there’s a lot happening and a lot changing in life lately.