Life’s So Delicious!


I was poking around wordpress, as I freqently end up doing before or after writing a post (more on the West Coast Trail to come!), and came across the fantastic foodie blog spoon fork bacon…  Pouring over the many amazing recipes on this site just makes me hungry, and I think I won the lottery when I came across their recipe for Baked Apple Pie Egg Rolls!

Honestly, I love to eat, and I love foodie blogs that feature fantastic photos as well.  This blog really has it all!  Great recipes and gorgeous photos.  I don’t do that much cooking these days, although I am the baker in my house.  M. likes to cook, and while I enjoy it and would say I’m not a bad cook, I’m more than willing to let someone take over the majority of this duty if I don’t have to do it!  The kitchen in our new place is a tiny little galley kitchen, which is really sad and claustrophobic with more than one person in it (I can’t imagine making pastry there…), so it’s not totally conducive to inspiring chef-ery, but I think that these I will have to try out soon!



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