Hannah v. Sketchup

Took another stab at using my arch nemesis, Sketchup, today.  It feels silly, because the first thing anyone I talk to about that program says is, “Oh Sketchup?  Easiest program I ever used!”  …  So I feel both ridiculous for not getting the hang of it immediately, mixed into a cool emotional cocktail that also includes an intense desire to prove to Sketchup who’s boss.  (It’s me.)

So today I started out with some help with my very entertaining and patient colleague, TM.  We imported a PDF of a floor plan, scaled it to an appropriate size (imported at a facade of 100,000′ long…  why, yes, I do like waterfront views!), and started building up the pieces from there.  We grouped things, made some components and even created a new layer!  All in all, I feel like I have a much better feel for the program and the basic tools, and now I have the beginnings of a cool little cottage model!  Oh, you like it?  Why thanks – I made that door myself!


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