Moved again

In the crazy way of things working out in this world, M and I have moved again recently.  Only this time it’s to an entirely different city, and not just to a bigger place that is closer to work…

We’re now living in Calgary, Alberta – over the Rocky Mountains!  Marty got a job that’s taken us here, so I’m trying to work on my portfolio and update my resume and start looking for a new job…

In the way of all things, I’m considering updating my blog to give it a look that’s (kind of?) consistent with my portfolio – and  update my portfolio on here as well, because it’s pretty sad thus far – but we’ll see how it goes.  I’m enjoying the time off work, but it can’t last forever, I guess.  Anyways, I’m still playing with ideas, so stay tuned for any changes…

Calgary has been pretty lovely so far.  The temperature dropped pretty much as soon as we arrived, so it’s been between 0 and 15 degrees since.  We had a small snowfall the day after we arrived, which was unexpected, but the fall colours have been pretty spectacular.  Being out of a job, I’ve been trying to get out to walk the dog (dog!) and it’s been nice to explore some of the parks around here.

All in all, I’m excited to be here.  I’m looking forward to a change in scenery (literally), as well as a change of pace from Victoria.  I’ve liked the vibe of this city so far, and I have to say that I’m looking forward to a real winter that isn’t just rain and grey.  We’re moving into our new place mid-month, and I’m hoping to get in some photos of cool design soon!

Until then, I’ll enjoy the beautiful fall and keep looking for some work…


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