A Little Bit of Painting

Painting is something I’ve always enjoyed, and endeavoured to do well – or at least well enough so that I like what I paint.  It’s been a few years, though, since I last had my brushes and acrylics out.  The place we’re living in would be tough to set up a stained glass studio (I may still try!), but for now, paint might be my mode of creative retreat.

I came across a really fab website to get back into it – the Will Kemp Art Studio.  (I’ve linked it – you should check it out!)  Will Kemp is a talented artist and lovely gentleman who posts up many written tutorials, free videos and lots of helpful tips and hints about paints, mixing, palettes and materials.  What a dream!

So this afternoon, I decided to go for it and try out a painting tutorial – I picked the intro tutorial on a still life jug.  The image was posted up on Will’s website, and his three tutorial videos walked you through the painting in a very straightforward and friendly manner.  My favourite part?  The soundtrack to the third installment of this tutorial is a very delicate classical guitar cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream!

So without further ado – here is the original image next to my acrylic version.  Not too shabby, and I’m pleased at how easy it was with the tutorial to guide me!


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