Sharing the Glass Love

Well, it’s been a wild summer — so wild, in fact, that I didn’t even get around to posting an “I’ll be on a writing hiatus while I move twice and travel a bunch this summer” message before the craziness happened.  That’s totally a cop-out, but also true.

So in the spirit of trying to get back into the old doing-projects-and-writing-about-them saddle, I thought I would share a couple of things today.

My New Home

We bought a house!  And this is it…  Standard 50’s bungalow with a finished basement area.  We’ve painted most of the inside of the top floor to date, and added some tile to the basement shower base (gross old concrete), and we’re slowly unpacking and getting settled.  I’m sure there will be more posts to come in the future!

New Home!

Stained Glass Tips

This is a great blog for all kinds of glass tips!  So I thought I would share a post that I think is really helpful — a good reminder of process for setting up a project to solder.  You can check it out here!

Finished Light Box!

I actually finished soldering, added a patina and set up my light box project!  I have a post to write about the patina process I used, but here’s a pic of the finished project.


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