Hi, I’m Hannah.  I’m an interior designer living in Calgary, Alberta.  I am passionate about creating interiors that people find joy in every day.  I gravitate to design that focuses on function and beauty, especially the little details that make each space unique.

I grew up mostly on the West Coast of British Columbia, spending the years between ages 9 and 17 on the lovely and remote Texada Island, a northern gulf island in the Salish Sea.  I moved to Victoria to attend university and spent 10 years living there until moving to Calgary in October 2012.  I love the ocean, exploring the beach, a good book and sharing delicious food with friends and family.  I am inspired by contrast and opposites, small towns and big cities, my travels in South East Asia and the changing of the seasons.

I studied at the University of Victoria, earning a BA in Anthropology.  A few years later, I went back to school to retrain in interior design.  I bring a passion for people to my interior design aesthetic, as well as an interest in how the home reflects the values and lifestyles of the people who use those spaces every day.  I enjoy using a variety of mediums to do my work, including 20-20 Design, SketchUp and Vectorworks on the tech side of it, and pen and pencil (and marker and pencil crayon!) on the human-hand side of things.  I recently completed the Built Green Builder certification and registered one of my recent projects as a Built Green Canada renovation.  I’m looking forward to continuing work on future sustainable projects.

I also dabble in other design and art fields.  Sometimes I paint (I’m currently on a mission to improve my landscape skills) and I do stained glass when I have the time and space set up.  I also draw and sew, and am very very curious about print-making.  If you are interested in my work, interior design related or not, please have a look through my portfolio on this site!

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