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Protecting Your Fingers!

A great tip from the Glass Tips blog about how to make sure your fingers stay relatively unscathed during the glass grinding process!  I can’t recall how many times I’ve been grinding glass with sharp edges and sliced the middle of my fingers… It really makes typing a pain the next day!

In summary, there are a number of tools out there you can use, from rubber finger-tip protectors to “grinder cookies” to specific tools designed to keep your fingers off the glass.  Gloves are a bad idea, as they have the potential to get caught up in any machinery and cause more damage than just a cut finger!  

Here’s what I’ve found to be the best: the rubber finger-tip thimble!  


They are pretty cheap, available at lots of office supply stores, come in a variety of sizes for different fingers, have good texture for gripping smooth glass and are pretty thick, so they last quite a while!  I also like that you can pull them off quickly and easily.

So tell me what you think… What’s your finger-tip protector of choice?


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