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Design at Hannah’s {New} House

So given that we moved in October, I thought it might be fitting to show another several pictures from the decoration that we (I directed, Marty lifted) did when we moved in to our new place.  I am posting these up in sets of before and after shots, because the before was a liiiiittle bit craaaazy…  It took me three days – two washes, sanding, dusting, three coats of primer and two coats of paint – to ensure that the raspberry red did not come through, and to get the very sharp tape lines softened out of the walls so the pattern wasn’t a major part of the decor any more.  All in all, I’m really pleased with how it worked out.


Before 3  Before 1


After 2  After 1

And when our landlady (our age, super lovely lady!) came back to say hello and check things out, she said how much bigger it made the room look.  Of course!


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A Little Bit More Painting

Put the effort in to try another painting this afternoon.  I tried another tutorial – this one of a lovely beachy sunset.  I have to say, it was more complicated than yesterday’s painting.  There were an additional two pigments to use in blending (there was a tutorial for blending the colours – most helpful), which was a bit more confusing, and I struggled to keep the paint on my palette from drying too quickly.  I used a lot of dry brushing instead of blending when the paint on the page was wet – I think my tones were too far apart and it ended up looking weird to begin with.  My notebook is not square (I probably should have just roughly painted in a square) so I stretched the image out a little bit, but I think it was fine.  All in all, with a bit more scrubbing and mashing of paints together on my palette, I think it turned out pretty good!


I definitely think I need to find a solution for the paints drying out so quickly, though.  That was really aggravating.  Some of my paints are thick and old (half mine, half inherited from my sister), which really doesn’t help at all.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!

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A Little Bit of Painting

Painting is something I’ve always enjoyed, and endeavoured to do well – or at least well enough so that I like what I paint.  It’s been a few years, though, since I last had my brushes and acrylics out.  The place we’re living in would be tough to set up a stained glass studio (I may still try!), but for now, paint might be my mode of creative retreat.

I came across a really fab website to get back into it – the Will Kemp Art Studio.  (I’ve linked it – you should check it out!)  Will Kemp is a talented artist and lovely gentleman who posts up many written tutorials, free videos and lots of helpful tips and hints about paints, mixing, palettes and materials.  What a dream!

So this afternoon, I decided to go for it and try out a painting tutorial – I picked the intro tutorial on a still life jug.  The image was posted up on Will’s website, and his three tutorial videos walked you through the painting in a very straightforward and friendly manner.  My favourite part?  The soundtrack to the third installment of this tutorial is a very delicate classical guitar cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream!

So without further ado – here is the original image next to my acrylic version.  Not too shabby, and I’m pleased at how easy it was with the tutorial to guide me!


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