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San Francisco: Fire Escapes

So on my recent trip to San Francisco, I got the idea in my head that I would take some series of photographs of things that I found in abundance, with variety and that I really liked to look at (and look for!) around the city.  My first theme?  Fire escapes, of course!  They are everywhere, especially in the downtown area.  Some of them are so ornate, I caught myself wondering if they were really up there for function, or just because they look so darn cool on the side of a building!

Here are some of my favourite photos, given an old-timey feel thanks to the ever fantastic instagram:

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Interior Love: San Francisco

My sweetheart and I have recently been discussing a trip to San Francisco, one of my favourite cities that I’ve travelled to so far.  I spent a week there in 2009 and enjoyed every moment of every day.  I’m excited about heading back there again, and have decided to post today about a San Francisco design firm whose work I think is fantastic: Palmer Weiss Interior Design.

I really love the vibrancy of the interiors.  I think that Palmer Weiss has totally nailed the use of pattern, texture and colour, as demonstrated in the living room below:

There’s a lot going on in this space, but it all works together without being overpowering.  The pops of colour in the furniture and rug are balanced by the neutral cream walls and cream details in the rug, chair pattern and lamps.  Every little bit does its part in this interior, however.  The dark casing on the windows echo the brown squares on the rug, and the wood paneling on the far wall carries the colour through.  The hits of colour just make the design pop without overwhelming the eye, and the use of pattern makes this interior interesting while managing to avoid being busy.

This kitchen follows the same principles, but tones down the colour to the citrus yellow and amps up the texture and detail with the Bertoia-style wire chair reinterpreted as bar stool and the bocci pendants over the island.  The darker floor helps to ground the space, and I love how the colours transition from dark to light as you work your way towards the ceiling from floor to island finish to countertop to walls.  I think this is a simple way of visually stretching the space upwards, and it’s effective.  The sleek and un-fussy cabinetry and stainless steel appliances balance out the shapes and materials of the chairs, banquette seating and decorative lighting and artwork to create a really harmonious interior.

The last piece of interior love I want to point out is Palmer Weiss’ sublime use of the vignette:

When I look at all these pieces on their own – the orange creamsicle pattern on the chair, the sunburst knobs on the dresser, the stepped detailing on the drapery valance – it wouldn’t be my gut reaction to put them all together.  However, they come together beautifully to create a vignette that feels like midcentury modern with a twist.  I think the effect is cheerful and simple, but with enough detail (more than!) to keep it from ever being boring.

I’m excited about a possible trip to San Francisco, and also about my discovery of this talented designer.  To see more of her colourful and creative works, you should check out her portfolio!

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